Monday Morning Offering - 50

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I'm powerless this Monday morning, Lord,
just plain powerless..

I'm powerless over my friend's wait for a transplant,
powerless over the days becoming weeks becoming
months becoming years of waiting for a call
that does not come...

So I offer you my powerlessness
over my friend's need, Lord,
and I join my prayer to hers
that you will be powerful
where we are weak...

I'm powerless, Lord, over peoples' grieving
the abuse of innocent children
and the closing of cherished churches
and I'm powerless over wounds
that have not healed...

So I offer you my powerlessness, Lord,
over my peoples' pain
and the anger they've not let go
and I join my prayer to theirs
that your power will bring healing
where healing is slow to come...

I'm powerless, Lord, over peoples' plates
already piled high with fears and disappointments,
anxieties and worry,
and I'm powerless over the long days and nights
that only add to the burdens they already bear...,

So, I offer you my powerlessness
over greater and lesser shares of life's troubles
and I join my prayer with the wearied
that you will bring rest and peace for those
bent low, weighted by their waiting...

I'm powerless, Lord,
over questions I cannot answer,
problems I cannot solve,
pain I cannot relieve,
concerns beyond my reach...

So, I offer you my powerlessness, Lord,
and pray for truth and the courage to speak it,
for wisdom and gentleness to share it,
and for a healing touch when it is mine to offer...

I'm powerless over much, Lord,
but not over everything
and so I ask you to help me know what I can do
as well as I know what I cannot do -
and give me the power to do what I can...

Good God of Monday mornings
and of every day this week,
show your power to your people
help us find our strength in you...




  1. 50 Monday Morning Offerings - another milestone for your blog!


  2. I hadn't read your prayer before I sent my above comment. The 50th Monday Morning Offering is very heart wrenching. In your feelings of powerlessness you have turned the needs of those you care so deeply about over to our all-powerful God. He hears you and will help you and those you mentioned in this prayer.


  3. I switched from Roman numerals to Arabic in the title of my MMO for two reasons:

    1) Having reached number 50, the Roman numeral would have been "L" which looked strange on the title line.

    2) Last week when I listed number 49 as XLVIX - no one noticed the error!

  4. Amen to your prayer. Spoke volumes to someone who needed to hear them.

  5. http://happydays.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/07/the-joy-of-less/

    Read this NYT piece by Pico Iyer and have found myself reading and re-reading it and the inevitable comments by others. Have not quite decided what I think. Just wanted to share this with other spiritual travelers...

    Your "Monday Morning.." weighs heavy on my heart.

  6. Praise God in ALL things...even our powerlessness. AMEN.


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