Music in preparation for Corpus Christi

Last Supper by Salvador Dali

I've posted a new widget at the top of the side bar with music for preparing to celebrate Corpus Christi Sunday this weekend. You might want to listen to this music as you review the scriptures for the coming weekend.

The selections include:

- Cesar Franck’s Panis Angelicus, sung by Andrea Bocelli
- Taste and See (Psalm 84), sung by the Christ Church Cathedral
- The Wind and the Wheat, instrumental by Phil Keaggy
- Psalm 23, in Hebrew and English, by Erik Contzius
- Let us Bread Bread Together from an album by the Moses Hogan Chorale
- Elgar’s O Salutaris Hostia from an album by the Saint John College Choir
- Song of the Body of Christ by David Haas
- Two pieces from Leonard Bernstein’s MASS: Simple Song and Meditation
- Adoro Te Devote by the Clevaux Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of St. Maurice & St. Maur



  1. Thanks for this reminder! I have not been very blog-present this week. Today when I get to work I will put this music on.

    Please pray for the ordination to the priesthood of James Ebert which will take place at my work parish on Saturday and for James' first mass on Sunday.

    Our Cathedral is under renovation and as a result, James will be ordained in his home parish, which is a gift to him and to the community.

    He will appreciate your prayers as he becomes a priest and celebrates his first mass on Corpus Christi.

    Thank you.


  2. I enjoyed 'Let Us Break Bread Together' with coffee this morning. Thanks

  3. Ahhh - at work and loving this music, which I can play a little louder today... I am alone in the rectory!

    Thank you CP!
    Fran from St. Edward's Blog


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