Five loaves, two fish: more than enough for all!

Just a couple of days left to take a look at this weekend's scriptures and get ready to hear the Lord's Word at Mass on the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Check out my earlier post for links to the readings and background material on them - and for help in preparing children to hear the Word at Mass this weekend.

As you can guess from the image above, the gospel tells the story of the "multiplication of the loaves and fishes," five and two, respectively. Not much to work with, for sure, but in the hands of Jesus and for those who trust there's a source of nourishment beyond the local farm or supermarket, this meager store was (literally) more than enough.

In the liturgical year that began with Advent in 2008, we have been reading mostly from the gospel of Saint Mark. At this point in Ordinary Time in the year of Mark, however, there's a series of five Sundays on which we will hear from the gospel of John and especially the Johannine teaching on the Eucharist.

Image source: IBC


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