Welcome to CathNewsUSA readers

Welcome to any new readers who have arrived here via CathNewsUSA which offered this blog as its Featured Website of the Day!



  1. congratulations...

  2. That's great that you were recognized by CathNews USA!
    I couldn't help but notice that your last two posts were posted at 5 am & 5:30 am and you couldn't make comments! Were you really working on your blog at that ungodly hour in the morning??? Somehow, that just doesn't seem possible!

  3. You know me well, APC!

    Posts can be scheduled to be published - I can make them appear any time I want - even while I'm sound asleep!

  4. Congrats Padre!

    When I worked midnights The timeframe between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. was [usually] a peaceful and very Godly time for me.

    Try it!


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