Word for the Weekend: I am the bread of life

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August 2009 begins with the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

"Bread from heaven" is the image that connects the story of manna in the desert (in the first lesson from Exodus) with Jesus naming himself as the bread of life in the gospel pericope from John.

(Recall that in this stretch of the Sunday scriptures in Year B, the lectionary sets aside Mark for five weeks and offers us the Johannine passages on the bread of life.)

The second reading is from Ephesians and invites us to put away our old selves and our former ways of life and to put on a new self, created in God's grace. Wouldn't that be great to be able to "take off" our old selves and bad habits as if we were taking off a coat and putting on a new coat of goodness and truth? That's Ephesians' invitation this week.

Check here for the scripture texts and background material on them and here for tips to help children prepare to hear the Word this weekend.

Might be time to reflect on Christ as the bread of life and how he feeds the deepest hungers we know or to think about the "old coats" we need to strip off and the new garments we need to don...


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