The funeral of Eunice Shriver

AP Photo by Elise Amendola

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The complete video of Eunice Shriver's funeral Mass is available at this interesting site: Your Funeral Guy.

I've just caught part of Mrs. Shriver's funeral Mass on television. I tuned in just before the Lamb of God as a soloist was singing Pie Jesu. I hope to see the complete funeral on YouTube or somewhere else so that I might understand how Pie Jesu found a place just before the Breaking of the Bread of the Eucharist.

I'm also looking forward to reading any cyber reviews of this liturgy in the blogosphere.

Mrs. Shriver was a wonderful woman whose faithful life as a Catholic woman touched and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands. A funeral liturgy more faithful to what the Church intends would have been a more fitting prayer for commending her to the mercy and peace of God.

(These comments are not directed at the Shriver family but rather towards those responsible for assisting them in preparing the funeral liturgy.)

UPDATE: H/T to NED, You can link to the "worship aid" for the funeral, at the Boston Globe. (Scroll down to the end of the Globe article.)

It's unfortunate and a burden for local pastors when the funeral rites of celebrities place before millions a ritual that departs in many ways from what the Church intends. Such events set a false standard which makes assisting grieving families in preparing a funeral liturgy for their loved ones an even more difficult task.

O God, to whom mercy and forgiveness belong,
command that Eunice be carried safely home to heaven
and come to enjoy your eternal reward.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

-ConcordPastor Kennedy-Shriver Funerals