Jesus goes to Disney World!

Deacon Greg, over at his Bench, links to another Fr. Austin with a blog: Fr. Austin Murphy who writes Jesus Goes to Disney World: Finding Christ in Popular Culture. In his going-on-vacation post, Greg links to Murphy's site and I visited there and found a great blog which I'm adding to the blog roll on the right.

The Jesus to Disney page is not all about Mickey Mouse but much more so, as the title notes, a commentary on Christianity in pop culture.

Fr. Murphy is a young priest,ordained in 2003, who works in campus ministry at Towson University in Baltimore. What he writes often reveals a wisdom beyond his age (see his posted reflections on the Year for Priests) and his poetic reflections on Sunday gospel texts are well done.

Highly recommended - take a look!


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  1. Watched the video about "Footsie" and the gift of his chalice to Austin. Quite inspiring. This is a young priest that bears watching! Like his Baltimore accent too!



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