Monday Morning Offering - 60

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

A joyful reunion on Saturday night, Lord,
with a couple whose marriage I witnessed 33 years ago!

We've not seen a lot of each other over the years
but this was a time to pray together at Mass
and share a wonderful dinner -
and since all good gifts come from your hand,
I thank you, Lord!

As folks often do after many years,
the three of us remembered and told the old stories:
stories of how our faith brought us together,
how our friendship began and grew...

How much stronger, Lord,
grow the bonds of friendship
when entwined with faith;
how much deeper
grow the joys of faith
when shared with friends...

Like finding a box of old treasures in the attic,
our evening reopened many gifts
and reminded us of how the truly important things,
the really beautiful things,
are always there for the sharing...

So this morning, Lord,
I'm pondering what might be the old treasures
in the attic of my faith in you,
my friendship with you...

Have I forgotten some truly important moments
when our friendship, yours and mine,
was strong, solid and sustaining?
Have I stored away memories of really beautiful times
when your love and grace
brought me help and healing and hope?

Help me never forget, Lord, and teach me hold on to
the treasured memories of how you have loved me,
of my faith in you
of the bonds and joys I share with you…

For these memories
and the grace they bring anew
I offer you my thanks and praise...

And I pray for any who have forgotten your love, Lord,
and for any who may believe you have forgotten them…
I pray for your Spirit to open their memories and their hearts
to the gifts, old and new, you have to offer them…

Good God of Monday mornings,
receive the praise and thanks I offer you today
and every day this week…




  1. Thank you CP, for reminding me to reminisce with God a lifetime of love and friendship...it is only in hindsight that I see how sustaining the bond has been. It will be a delight to open up the box today and remember!


  2. We all should go and look for that old box of treasures in the attic!

  3. Don't let anything or anyone stop you, CC!


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