What I Love About Sunday

I posted a video earlier today but then discovered (H/T to Roberta) that its commercial intro wasn't appropriate. Here's a non-commercial link so give a listen. Country singer Craig Morgan has something worth while to say about keeping holy the Lord's Day.

Readers: what do
you love about Sunday?

(H/T to ConcordCarpenter for the tune!)



  1. Sleeping late, coffee in p.j.s, family time and your homily.

  2. What I love about Sunday...

    Worship and Praise with family and friends...
    Breakfast with fellow parishioners...
    Lively conversations...
    Leisurely reading the newspaper...
    Ball games...
    Family time and dinner...AND...
    REST from a hectic week!

  3. family, friends, relaxation, Eucharist...my grandmother used to say "no one should be alone on Sunday, come and eat!"

  4. Excellent homily and Mass.

  5. Eucharist is the high point of Sunday, always. But there are other elements of our Sunday observance which I savor:
    Each member of my family choses a song or psalm to sing on the way to Church (having prepared the readings the night before). We're always tickled when one or more of our selections matches that of our Music Director.
    On the way home, we discuss the parish's questions of the week, published in the bulletin...a great opportunity for faith sharing.
    Sunday brunch is always a special occasion...often with company.


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