Word for the Weekend - August 23

Getting back into the swing of things after being on vacation for two weeks has made for a busy re-entry! I'm at least a day late on getting this coming weekend's scriptures to you with a reminder to begin studying them, praying over them and getting ready to hear them proclaimed!

We're coming up to the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time and the scriptures for this day and background material on them can be found right here. Bringing children to church? Help them prepare to hear the Word by checking out this page.

This Sunday is the last of the series of gospel passages from John - next week we return to Mark. In this week's gospel, the disciples are dealing with the "hard sayings" of Jesus about the necessity of eating his flesh and drinking his blood. Will they stay with Jesus even when his words are hard to swallow? Or will they walk away? The same question rises in the first scripture this Sunday, taken from the Book of Joshua: whom will you serve? The second lesson for this weekend is from Ephesians, with an option for a longer and shorter version. This is the section of Ephesians where the marriage of husband and wife is used as an image to describe Christ's self-giving love for the Church.

Image by Cerezo Barredo


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