Last stand against the fall!

Photo by ConcordPastor

Over the last couple of summers I've written reviews of restaurants where I've dined and a few folks have commented on the absence of such posts this year. In particular, I've not commented once this summer on a caprese salad. Well, I'd not recently had an insalata caprese worth commenting on - until last night!

I had dinner in the home of two good friends and the menu included the very caprese pictured above! The heirlooms were end-of-the-season but beautifully red and tasty nonetheless. The basil was cut before my very eyes from a plant growing on the deck. The presentation was just right and the dish was a welcome treat as summer fades into fall. In fact, the whole menu was one last summer stand against the fall: steak on the grill, perfectly medium rare; ears of corn so sweet you'd have sworn it was late July or early August; and red-white-and-blue dessert of sorbet, ice cream and blue berries.

A great way to wrap up the summer to raise a glass in hopes of at least a few more days warm enough to remind us of what we had.

If you click on the photo above you won't get to taste the caprese - but you'll get a better look!



  1. I did not get to have one decent caprese this summer... we lost our tomatoes to blight and the basil did terribly too.

    Thanks for sharing this, it looks like a beautiful salad!

  2. Making me hungry.....looks great.

  3. Our tomatoes were lost to blight as well and the basil to insects. I was told not to replant the tomatoes in the same area next year. Whatever the disease is stays in the soil over the winter and will come back in the spring. Wait two seasons to replant in that area.
    I love caprese salads and the one in the photo looks great! Maybe a visit to a farm stand for end of season tomatoes and corn is in order for today.

  4. Doesn't that photo just look delicious? My tomato patch was also lost to blight....like Fran, I am from NY and we were hit hard.
    I was told to wait 3 yrs before planting again. I think my future gardening will be in movable big pots!


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