Monday Morning Offering - 65

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

It's a very busy time of year, Lord,
and so I offer you this morning
what brims over and spills from the cup of my day...

I offer you the questions for which I have no answers...
I pray for the wisdom to know how much I do not know
and for the grace to share what is within my ken...

I offer you the problems I cannot solve, Lord -
my own and those of others who come to me with theirs...
I pray for patience as I wait to see how you will move in my life
and I pray for the grace to wait with others
who need company while they wait for you...

I offer you the wounds I cannot heal, Lord,
my own and those of others who come to me for help:
help us to be gentle with one another
and may our sharing be a healing in itself...

I offer you the fear and worry I carry within me...
Help me place my trust in you, Lord,
and when the weight of worry wearies me
remind me that the burden of faith is feather light...

I offer you the work for which I have no time, Lord,
and the time I have for rest and prayer...
Help me do my work carefully and joyfully
and draw me to prayer that refreshes
and rest that makes me strong...

I offer you the unknown and unexpected
of what today and tomorrow may bring...
Make me ready by making sure I trust
that you are always by my side...

Make me mindful, Lord,
of others whose days are filled to the brim
and help me share the burdens
of all whose paths cross mine...

Good God of Monday mornings,
I offer you the overflow of my nights and days this week
and pray you keep me safe and sound
for all the work that's mine to do...



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  1. This is a busy week so the monday morning prayer helped me too. May God bless us all this week.


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