Word for the Weekend of September 13

It's never too early in the week to begin to read and study the scriptures for coming weekend!

To find the texts for the scriptures for the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time, go to the SLU Sunday Liturgy page where you'll find not only the readings but background info on them, too. Bringing some young folks with you to Mass? See the Sadlier site for helping children prepare to hear the Word of the Lord.

You might recognize this Sunday's first lesson as a portion of the Isaiah text which opens the solemn liturgy on Good Friday during Holy Week. The image of Isaiah's "suffering servant" sets us up for hearing Mark's gospel on Sunday in which Jesus will speak of his impending suffering and death: "Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me." The middle reading is a continuation of the series from the letter of James where we find the classic response to the dilemma of "faith vs. works" in the plan of salvation.

In many places, folks will be returning from a shorter or longer summer absence. These will be strong texts to hear as the faith community gathers again as children return to school. But perhaps these are just the scriptures we need to hear as summer's easy days give way to a different season.

(I beg pardon of my readers from Down Under who are looking ahead to summer!)

Image: Cross at World Youth Day/Australia (Telegraph)


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