Monday Morning Offering - 68

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Sometimes, Lord,
when I look at the day ahead of me
I wonder and worry
how I'm going to make my way to its end...

Sometimes I look at the week or the month ahead
and wonder how I'll get from here to there,
to the other side of what seems immovable,
impassable, impossible...

But day after day, week after week
I get there, Lord, no matter how slowly the day,
the week, the month -even the hour- may pass,
I get there...
and looking back on the path I've walked,
so often the journey seems shorter, simpler, safer
than what I imagined at its beginning...

Help me remember, Lord, at this day's start
and as I survey the week and month before me,
help me remember,
when even the next hour seems too much to bear,
help me remember that my passage will be safe,
my burdens lighter,
the length of my day will be halved
with you in my heart and by my side...

I offer you, Lord, this day, this week
and every hour in it...

I offer you the hours that seem days long,
the days that seem like weeks
and the weeks that have no end...

Help me trust that in your company
I will come to day's end, to Sunday's rest,
and to seasons' change
safe and secure
in your company, in your presence
and in your strength when mine is spent...

I offer you my memories of hours, days, weeks,
months and years I thought I'd not survive but did,
and I pray you refresh in my soul the courage I need
to live my life a day at a time, an hour at a time,
secure in your strong arms...

Keep me mindful, Lord,
of others who stand before this day
not sure of where it will lead and take them:
help us all to be understanding and gentle with one another,
offering support where it is needed,
accepting others' help when when it is offered...

I offer you this day, Lord,
as long or short as it may seem
and pray day's end will find me by your side...




  1. A day at a time, an hour at a time...sometimes a moment at a time.
    Yes I pray for the courage to walk by your side Lord when all I can do is try to get from morning to night.


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