Saint of the day: who will it be?

In anticipation of All Saints Day this weekend...

The sidebar always includes a link for finding the Saint of the Day. Not every day on the church's calendar is devoted to a particular saint. For example: in November, 14 of the 30 days have no saint assigned on the liturgical calendar.  Saint of the Day "fills in" such days with saints who do not have their own day. Each date on the calendar is hyperlinked to a short biography and comment on that day's saint.

The illustration above is one of the tapestries in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. Such tapestries line both side of the nave and give worshippers the sense of being in the communion of saints as they celebrate the Eucharist. (If you are in LA, make sure you visit the cathedral!) The tapestry reproduced here (be sure to click to enlarge and for detail of the saints' names) includes the names of some of those pictured, but not of others. It was the artist's desire to include images of those whom the church has not yet canonized but who are living saintly lives among us. See here for more background on the art and artist and be sure to click on the links at the top of that page to see the tapestries on the north and south walls (and make sure you click to enlarge each one.)



  1. That's a helpful link. I certainly don't have all those dates memorized, or even easy access to them. So, it is nice. (And the pick of the day over on the calendar site was my very favorite book: The Book of Privy Counseling.) That was nice, too.

    The Bible icon on your sidebar that links to the readings is also helpful.

    And finally, thanks for mentioning the Blest Atheist blog site a few days back. I get some nice comments from time to time, thanking me for the link to your Monday Morning Offering -- and I always do read it and then pray it. It's a good way to start Monday.

  2. I have had the good fortune to have visited the LA Cathedral. The tapestries are simply beautiful,I just love every one of them; while there I had an unexpected chance to meet the artist, what a graced opportunity that was... The pictures are wonderful; experiencing them in person is priceless!!


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