Facing change



A few days back I changed the type face on my blog from



Did anyone notice the change?

Does it make a difference?

Is the new font


to read?



  1. yes, I noticed-

    I was going to comment on it, but I wasn't sure where to do that-
    where it might be appropriate or where it might fit in-
    or even if it was worth commenting on...

    For me, both fonts are fine- both equally easy to read-

    yes, I definitely noticed the change-
    (I admit- as a lot of changes do- it kind of "threw me" just a bit... )

  2. A reader sent the following via email, for which I'm very grateful and from which I learned a lot:

    FYI, webpages are displayed using the fonts that are available on the viewer's computer. So for people who don't have that on the device they are using to view the page get whatever similar font the browser has. While Trebuchet is getting more widely available even though it is a MS font, things like Blackberry's and Palm's don't have it.
    Research shows that sans-serif fonts are more readable on screens (serifed font like TimesRoman and Georgia are more readable on printed material).
    For blogs it probably does not make a lot of difference if the page gets rendered in Arial instead of Trebuchet since you are not doing a lot of formatting. But line breaks on some of your poems might change because of character width differences.
    We generally recommend sticking to Arial for the bulk of the text on their sites to be safe.

    I'm staying with Trebuchet unless I hear reports from readers that they're having difficult with it.

  3. I did notice a difference but only because I am using my husbands computer. Mine is at the computer hospital (my son is the Doc) and my husbands computer is bigger than my laptop and everything seems very large!

  4. I did notice. Maybe I am a creature of habit, but I thought the old font was really, really sharp looking. Of course, serif or sans serif, it is the content that make your blog so good!

  5. I think Trebuchet is easier to read than Georgia so I think it is a good move.

  6. As soon as I clicked in I thought "something is different..." but did not stay with that thought as I was drawn into the post about the existence of dog!

    I think both are fine, but the blog does have a slightly crisper look with this font.

  7. I must have missed this post - looks very similar to me, very slight change


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