Prayers at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Image: TravelBlog (Click on image to see the prayer notes in the crevices)

A friend is traveling in the Holy Land and before leaving on her trip she asked me if I wanted her to place a prayer note in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and what that prayer might be. I asked her to place this prayer in a crevice of the wall, one of our intercessions each week at Sunday Mass:

For the healing of those who have been abused and betrayed
and for the restoration of trust and confidence in the Church,

let us pray to the Lord...

More than a million prayer notes are placed in the crevices of the wall every year.

What prayer might you place in the Wailing Wall?



  1. I am very glad that you had your friend take this intercession to place in the Western Wall. In addition, I would want to place one to ask God to bring peace to our world and to our hearts.


  2. I had a friend that went to that wall, and asked what prayer I wanted her to bring.... but couldn't come up with anything that was not something personal. I felt selfish asking. It seems something that should be prayed for in that wall is something like you prayed for ... something universal. So I did not tell her anything and I hope and pray that God hears my prayers whether or not put in a wall or not.

  3. God hears the prayers posted in the crevices of the Wailing Wall and God hears the prayers posted in the crevices of our heart: whether they are written or not, posted or not, spoken or not - God hears the prayers of every heart...

  4. Father, I went to the Holy Land a couple of years ago. It was quite an experience to see and to be at the Wailing Wall and to pray there. Also, thank you for the prayer that you gave to her and say at Mass. God bless.

  5. The Western Wall is a place of prayer for all nations. Solomon asked that G-d should answer the prayer of all peoples at this place. It is from here that all prayers, no matter where they issue, rise up to Heaven. Read more about Why the Wall is Holy. Do you know there's even a service where you can Tweet your prayers to the Wall?

  6. Thank you for adding that beautiful prayer to the Wailing Wall. I did ask the same friend to place two very personal prayers there for me as well. I don't consider them selfish, just something that I pray each day. There is just something much more special and spiritual leaving them on the Wall. Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow~~~

  7. Mission Accomplished! Have returned and want you to know that your wish and those of many others are in the Wailing Wall....also brought along some soil from Concord that was placed in Garden of Gethsemane with prayers for Peace.


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