Monday Morning Offering - 76

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Well, there are only 11 shopping days left ‘til your birthday, Lord…

Gotta start thinking about what to get
"for the God who has everything."

So, what can I give you?

What could you possibly want from me?

I know, I know...

What you want from me
are the things I hang on to, cling to,
the things I don’t want to let go of,
the things that get in the way between you and me,
presents you can't wrap up in pretty paper and bows...

So for your birthday, Lord, I want to offer you
the things I know I need to let go...

Help me let go the ways
I keep myself from your love for me,
the ways I run from the truth
that you love me with no strings attached...

I offer you the times I downplay, deny
and even waste my gifts and talents:
help me see how wonderful and unique
is the person you made me to be,
help me believe that you take delight in me...

Lord, help me let go my envy
and all the ways I focus on what others have
and all the times I forget what you have given me…
Keep me from jealous thoughts
and open my eyes to the treasures
I have at my fingertips,
especially the treasure of your love...

I offer you my sense of humor, Lord:
help me to laugh at myself
especially when I take myself too seriously…

Help me out of my moody sulking, Lord,
when I banish myself to lonely places:
draw me out of myself and into your arms…

I offer you my better instincts, Lord
my graced intuitions,
the ones I so easily dismiss
when I mistrust my own judgment:
give me courage to speak and to act
on the truth I know within…

I offer you the best of who I am,
the person you created me to be,
the unique individual you knew and loved
even before I was knit in my mother’s womb…

I offer you the unknown, untried, unused portions
of my heart, my soul, my mind, my imagination:
make of me the person you intended, Lord,
and use my life to touch others
as others’ lives touch mine…

Lord, help me let go anything that leads me to believe
that I have nothing to offer
or that what I have to offer is not good enough:
let the light of your advent shine on me
and show me every gift you’ve given me, large and small,
and especially the gift of your love…

I offer you anything and everything
that keeps me from knowing
how much you love me, Lord
and how precious I am in your eyes…

And, Lord – help me to find in others
the precious beauty I know you see in them...

Such are the presents I can offer you this Christmas, Lord:
be patient with me if I need a new year
to truly hand them over to you...

I know you are the "God who has everything"
and I'm grateful that everything you have
includes me, my soul and my life...



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