Word for the Weekend: Scriptures for Epiphany

This coming weekend we celebrate Epiphany - on January 3rd. Yes, we used to celebrate Epiphany as the Twelfth Day of Christmas and in many places that's still the case. In the United States, however, the feast is transferred to Sunday.

You will find the readings and background material on them here and similar help for children preparing to hear the Word this weekend here.

Have you ever wondered why the gospel on Epiphany is always the same text? It's because Matthew's is the only gospel that tells the story of the visitors from the east. (See this earlier post for more information on the Nativity narratives in the gospels.)

The illustration above (artist: He Qi) shows the magi being warned in a dream to return home by another route. Here are the lyrics of James Taylor's Home By Another Way (H/T to Jack's Son) - unfortunately, the audio for this is no longer available online in a format for publishing on a blog. You can, however, download the file here.)

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