Artist of the Incarnate Word: Timothy Schmalz

Schmalz putting the final touches on the clay original of A Quiet Moment

My posts for the Twelve Days of Christmas (December 25 - January 5) featured a number of sculptures from the studio of Timothy P. Schmalz. I have received a good deal of positive response to his art.

I hope that you followed the link from each of my posts to the studio site to see the breadth of Schmalz's work. For those who did not, I want to make sure that you know that many of Timothy's pieces are available in miniature (7"-13") and at reasonable prices. Here's the link to his site. When you get there, first click on Large Sculptures to see the incredible range of his work and then click on Miniatures.


  1. That is truly a work of art! I love it!

  2. Just checked out his link and found some beautiful art work. Hadn't checked it out before today. Was very impressed with his "Body of Christ" sculpture. Loved the simplicity and holiness it embodies.
    Thank you.


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