On a regular basis, I'll be highlighting and suggesting a link for you to follow. Some, like today's, will be regulars from my sidebar while others will be links to pages I've come across while wandering in cyberspace.

Catholic Sensibility is a favorite I visit daily. Todd Flowerday is the "sensible Catholic" blogger there and his topics are generally ecclesial and liturgical - although his affection for astronomy threads through his posts, too, along with some wonderful celestial photography. Over the years Todd has run series on many liturgical documents, working through them paragraph by paragraph and enhancing the texts with his good pastoral commentary.

In my estimation, Todd is one of the finest writers in the Catholic blogosphere. His posts are insightful, of substance and sometimes gently provocative: he makes you think! Catholic Sensibility deserves a place among your bookmarks.

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  1. It is wonderful - thanks for the link!

  2. Todd Flowerday is a thinking and feeling Catholic's catholic Catholic. His love for the faith shines through even when he's perturbed by the structure of our religion. Love his blog!

  3. Fr Austin, I'm genuinely humbled and flattered by your good word. I will try to live up to the affirmation.

  4. Meant every word of it, Todd - and I just changed the order of my post's penultimate sentence lest it appear that I think you are only sometimes "of substance!"

  5. I agree about Todd's blog. I try to check in daily and have been since he began this endeavor.

  6. Catholic Sensibility is remarkable in every way and deserves every accolade! Todd's depth and breadth of knowledge and how he expresses it on his blog is amazing. The provocative posts that he puts up ask us to think and invite us more deeply into our faith.

    Like with your blog, I don't get to comment often with time being a challenge. That said, your blog and Todd's are in my reader and I do keep up!



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