Looking for a really good homily this weekend?

I usually read and generally like Deacon Greg Kandra's homilies but his offering this weekend is the best of his work that I've read to date.

Don't miss it!

You'll find it at The Deacon's Bench.

(Other preachers will understand when I say, "I wish I'd written that!")


  1. thank you for the link to Deacon Kandra's homily-

    I'd like to change the title to this post to:
    Looking for ANOTHER really good homily this weekend?

    (I know you wouldn't say that, but I just wanted to because yours was really good too)

  2. Thank you for that link. Went there. Read it. Enjoyed it very much. It was a good start, while waiting for your Monday morning offering this week. (I am in Lithuania; my Monday has started significantly earlier than yours.)


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