Monday Morning Offering - 82

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Well, it happened on Saturday
and then again, early yesterday morning,
at odd moments when, truth be told,
my mind was somewhere else...

Both times it happened in a way
I know was not of my own making,
not of my own invention or even
my own desire...

I wasn't looking for you,
I wasn't thinking of you,
but it happened nonetheless:
I found you - or did you find me?

For a moment I sensed your presence,
I knew you were near,
that you were patiently waiting to get my attention,
that you'd been there all along,
that you'd never left my side,
that you were here...

In those two moments
I found a peace I've not found
for a long time...

It was your peace,
the peace of your presence...

Have I avoided your peace?
Have I turned away from you?
Have I denied your presence?
Have I looked for you?
Have I missed all the ways
you've shown yourself to me?

Have we been, you and I,
like two ships passing in the night?

No, that image fails:
you have not passed me by,
you have sailed alongside me
all the time...

It's what Augustine wrote, Lord:
You were within me, but I was outside,
and it was there that I searched for you...
You were with me, but I was not with you...

But on Saturday and early on Sunday morning,
I knew your presence beside me,
perhaps even, within me...

I knew, at least for a moment,
for two moments,
that you were with me
and I was with you...

How such moments come, Lord,
I don't pretend to know...

How many such moments I've missed, Lord,
are likely too many for me to count...

How patient you are in waiting for me
is more than I can fathom...

But it happened twice, Lord,
and I cannot let the memory go...

In those moments
I knew you were near,
that you were patiently waiting to get my attention,
that you'd been there all along,
that you'd never left my side,
that you were there as you've always been,
as you always are,
as you always will be...

So this morning, Lord,
I offer you my thanks for your patient waiting,
your faithful vigil for my attention,
your gentle way of being there without crowding me,
of tracing my steps without hounding me,
of staying with me
even when I try to walk away from you...

And I offer you my hope, Lord,
that such moments will come more often
and that I will look for them
and not miss them,
that I will make time for them,
make a place for them
(that I will make time for you
and make a place for you)
in my day, in my night and in my heart...

Help me be as gentle as are you, Lord,
with those around me, whose paths cross mine:
may I do nothing to distract them
from the moments of presence
that you have prepared for them...

I offer you the peace and the presence I found
on Saturday and early Sunday morning:
show yourself, Lord, and help me look for you
today, tonight
and every day this week...



  1. I love this prayer! It is so appropriate to my experience, too. Missing the moments, and then regretting it and wanting to go back and grab them back, but it is too late.

    I especially liked the part about not being distracting to other folks, not to deprive them of their moments in the presence of God.

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. I have had moments such as you describe. Personally, I would be terribly hurt if someone who claimed to love me, gave me the scant amount of attention I give to Jesus,compared to the attendance I afford His created objects.

    I am so glad He remains faithful to unfaithful ones, such as myself.

    Like you, I would desire more moments of intimacy, but do I go to meet Him, with any urgency?

    Lovely words Father, evoking identifiable experiences for many, I am sure.

  3. Thank you Father for this prayer. I found myself reflecting on your words and appreciating your wisdom. I join with you in prayer today.....

  4. Thankyou Father. You wrote what I felt and thought. Thanks.

  5. Came here via a search for Knots prayer, & the coffee cup art at your profile on top caught me eye & I'm glad to have scrolled down to see the credit & am heading over to compliment the artist!


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