This is a story about poverty, not an earthquake...

This is a graphic video, an aerial view of the bodies of victims strewn in the streets of Port au Prince. I publish it here only to illustrate the truth of the statement that this is not so much a story about an earthquake as it is a story about poverty.

If you choose to watch this video, try to imagine what the streets might look like, what the rescue effort would be, had your capitol city been hit by this earthquake...

Then try to imagine the poverty of a people, of physical structures, of an infrastructure that allows for corpses to pile up in the streets of a nation's capitol with virtually nothing in place to respond to the crisis...

This is not so much a story about an earthquake as it is a story about poverty...


  1. I just watched the UTube video of the bodies in Haiti...halfway thru a pop up of a message to vote for Scott Brown today came up and was repeated at the end of the video. What gives??

  2. A different political ad was on the video when I viewed it just now and I've replaced it with a copy which I believe is free of ads. It was not my intention to publish a video with
    partisan political content. Please let me know if anything like this reappears. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for taking a look at this! I was amazed to see it and thought that publishing a video with political comments was not something you would subscribe to!

  4. I have seen this and it is sobering beyond imagining.

    Recently I read a quote on a friend's blog that said something to the effect of that the earthquake did not kill people, poverty.

    God help us all.

    It is me Fran,I am at work.


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