The sun rises again!

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

This is a very happy day for me - and not just because it's Mardi Gras!

I recently, temporarily removed from my blog over 80 of my Monday Morning Offerings, while working on a copyright issue related to the wonderful image above which has appeared on each MMO over close to two years.

I'm very pleased and grateful that the artist, George Mendoza, has kindly granted permission for to use and continue to use Coffee in the Morning on my blog.

All my MMO posts are back up - as well as the reminder on the sidebar.

Please visit George Mendoza's site to read his fascinating story and see more of his fine art.

Thank you, George!


  1. That's great news!

    I've visited George's site, he is an amazing artist!

  2. Glad it all worked out. Love his art.

  3. Awesome...I was missing that Monday morning rendering....

  4. This is great news for all of us really.
    Happy for you.......:-) Hugs


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