Keeping a Holy Lent - 24

I suspect that nearly all who read this post will be familiar with the prayer, the Confiteor. Too often it rolls, rote, off our tongues without our giving it much thought. Take a moment with me today to pray these words slowly, with and for one another, to the Lord, with contrite hearts...

I confess to almighty God,
and to you, my brothers and sisters,
that I have sinned
through my own fault,
in my thoughts
and in my words,
in what I have done
and what I have failed to do;
and I ask blessed Mary, ever virgin,
all the angels and saints,
and you, my brothers and sisters,
to pray for me to the Lord our God.

The Confiteor at Mass concludes with the Kyrie (Lord, have mercy! Christ, have mercy!) Here's an international version from Taize...

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  1. Dear Pastor,
    Went to a beautiful Taize prayer service last night. Would love to here the Taize Confiteor version if you can post it. Cat Stevens is currently there-nice also. Thank you for all your thought provoking and prayerful posts,
    Lenten Blessings

  2. I haven't heard "Morning Is Broken" sung in church in a long time. Is it out of vogue these days? It is quite lovely.



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