Press Conference: Bishop Stika, Diocese of Knoxville

Press conference in the Diocese of Knoxville, April 15, 2010
Bishop Richard Stika

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I used it too, along with some thoughts about this coming Sunday's Gospel in which we are reminded to do old things in new ways after encountering the Risen Lord.

    Things may change slowly, but they do change.

    God bless you for your own clear voice dear Fr. Austin.

  2. Thanks to Bishop Stika for his forthrightness,sincerity and courage in proceeding with this sad, but all too prevalent, case. And thank you, Concord Pastor, for providing us with this picture. I must say that it brought tears to my eyes: for the many victims whose revelations were not met in this manner.

  3. I have been so repulsed by this ongoing saga for so long that, beyond the headlines that hit me between the eyes, I consciously no longer read/listen to anyone about the problem. For some reason (divine intervention?) I clicked the start button on Bishop Stika's Press Conference. It is unfortunate that the Church never had this kind and thoughtful man in front of the media early on. For those of you who have not viewed this 26 minute presentation, please take the time to do so (much of what is contained in the last half is so important). His words help your heart and your head. The last Mass I attended was a funeral over 4 years ago because I loved the deceased. I am among the "fed-up" but I hope that I have an open mind. Find the time to listen to this Bishop--it won't change the past nor remove the pain for victims but it could be the path to the future. Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. This Bishop does sound very sincere and truthful.....which the Catholic Church needs desperately right now. There is no burying in the sand at all. It is well worth listening to and not easy for one to hear.

  5. I was touched by Bishop Stika's remarks in his press conference. I think this is one bishop who does get it. I liked his gentle manner and the fact that he took as much time as was necessary to answer all the reporters' questions. I was moved by his obvious deep love for the priesthood. I looked him up on Wikipedia to find that we need to pray for his health. He has Type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. While he is not even 55 years old, he has had quadruple bypass surgery and had a slight heart attack in 2009. May God be with him and protect him.

    One interesting tidbit...he has a cockapoo named "Rosie"!!!


  6. Amen. God bless the courage of this bishop!


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