Monday Morning Offering - 93

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I need a shepherd, Lord,
and you are the Good Shepherd
whose voice I want to hear,
whose voice I try to hear,
whose voice I want to follow -
but sometimes I get lost
and find it hard to hear your voice...

So I offer you my need to be guarded and guided,
my desire to be led along the right path,
my longing to be refreshed, renewed
and reconciled to your ways...

I offer you my hope
that I will learn to want for nothing
save what you offer and give me,
that I might come to see
how everything I need comes from your hand...

I offer you my plea
to be guided through the dark valley of my fears
to the meadows where your peace brings me joy...

I offer you my prayer
for the courage which is yours to give,
the courage that leads me to trust
not in my own strength, but in yours...

As a good shepherd does, Lord,
alert me to evil when it nears my path
and help me to trust
that you are by my side,

Open my eyes and heart, Lord,
to the ways I might shepherd others
whose paths cross my mine this day, this week...

Make of me a shepherd as wise and gentle,
as strong and good as you, Lord,
and tend my way home this day
to your flock, your arms and your peace...


Psalm 23: Eden's Bridge Celtic Psalms
(Lyrics below; recording available here)

The Lord’s my Shepherd, I’ll not want.
He makes me down to lie
In pastures green; he leadeth me
The quiet waters by.

My soul he doth restore again;
And me to walk doth make
Within the paths of righteousness,
Even for his own name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale,
Yet will I fear no ill;
For thou art with me; and thy rod
And staff my comfort still.

My table thou hast furnish├Ęd
In presence of my foes;
My head thou dost with oil anoint,
And my cup overflows.

Goodness and mercy all my life
Shall surely follow me;
And in God’s house forevermore
My dwelling place shall be.

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  1. Excellent prayer and I listened to the Psalm as well. Great way to start Monday !

  2. So glad I found your blog. How inspiring and what a way to start the work week. God bless you richly.

  3. I loved the voice on the recording. I looked up Eden's Bridge and assume that the voice on this recording is that of their lead vocalist, Sarah Lacy.



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