Previews of coming attractions

A faithful reader who hails from my favorite part of the world, Cape Cod, happens to be the person in her parish who tapes the pastor's homily each week, posts it to YouTube and adds it to her parish website. She offered to make the trek to Concord to introduce me to this process and so I appear as the "guest homilist" on the website of Christ the King Parish -- even though the homily was preached and taped at Holy Family Parish in Concord. (Here's the text of that homily.) We had a bit of a problem with the sound so it's not as clear as it might be -- and a few younger members of the parish were intent on making this a "dialogue homily!" Still, the video above gives an idea of what it can be and I hope will be soon as a regular feature here on my blog. (Check here for an example of better audio with Monsignor Dan Hoye preaching at CTK on Holy Thursday.)

Thanks, JW, for coming to Concord and for your help!

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