The view from my window - UPDATED

Image: CP

I don't know the name of this blossom (can anyone help me with that?) but there's a large bush just outside my porch door which has just come into bloom.

Update: the green thumbs in the combox tell me it's azalea - thank you!

Praise God and enjoy the beauty!

A reader sends in this photo from her window - another beautiful but nameless blossom!

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Anonymous said...

Azalea perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

Yep! A white azalea!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it is a beautiful azalea plant...not so easy to propogate and survive in our New England winters!

Ben said...

I am just curious... are all three Anonymous' here the same person? Just wondering...


(I realize to get this answer, the Anonymous' would have to see my comment, because my understanding is that ConcordPastor would not have a way of knowing this)