Jesus struck by lightning!

Photo by Kevin Yezbick

Back in September 2007 I posted on this amazing statue of Jesus (above) rising out of the waters at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio. (That's the way the statue was posed: it's not the result of the lightning strike!)

Last night that statue was hit by lightning and destroyed. Read the story, with video here and here.

Photo: Carrie Cochran, The Inquirer

- H/T to Fran!

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  1. Article mentioned that they would like to rebuild this statue. I would be surprised if their insurance company would go along with that idea.

    All the fish in the "baptismal" pool were killed as a result of the fire.

    Please keep us posted as this story develops!


  2. Sorry, you're on your own! I only post on this church and its statuary about once every two years.

  3. I am not sure if I should be honored or not for the H/T! And I post about this about every two years as well... and this time it did not get beyond FB!

  4. I saw a story about this on TV that said the statue was 6 stories high!



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