Monday Morning Offering - 97

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I've spent a lot of time over the past two weeks
pondering and praying over and writing
of the Heart of your Son, Jesus...

It's been a blessing to look into his Heart,
to imagine its breadth and depth,
to peer into a heart so selflessly there for me
and for everyone who was, who is, who will be...

As I opened my eyes to Jesus' Heart
I couldn't help but look at my own, too,
and to see how my heart needs to grow
in so many ways...

So this morning, Lord,
I offer you my heart
with all its needs and weaknesses...

I offer you a heart too often intent
on its own desires, Lord:
give my heart ears, eyes and a desire
to know the needs of others
and the will to put theirs before my own...

I offer you a heart that's often stingy,
clinging to what I have, hanging on
to things I don't really need:
give me a heart ready to give itself away, Lord,
a heart ready to share the bounty that is mine...

I offer you a heart holding on to its hurts, Lord,
nourishing grudges and resentments:
give me a heart that nurtures peace
with you,
with those who have offended me
and with those I have offended...

I offer you a heart sometimes stuck in my yesterdays,
other times fearing my tomorrows
and not often enough living in the day you have given me:
give me a heart attentive to you presence, Lord,
for today is the day you have given me,
the day you meet me, speak to me, listen to me,
the day you walk with me...

I offer you a heart that sometimes gives itself
in the wrong way, to the wrong one or the wrong thing,
at the wrong time:
give me a wise heart, Lord,
and your counsel to guide my choices
on the paths my heart takes...

I offer you a proud heart, Lord,
a heart that often thinks too much of itself,
sometimes without thinking much at all;
I offer you my heart often blind to my faults
and my failure to see my own sins:
humble my heart with your Word, Lord,
and let me know my need for your Heart's mercy...

I offer you a heart that needs help, Lord,
and I ask you to open my heart
to those whose hearts meet mine this day:
render me open to what their hearts offer
and open mine to offer them whatever I have to give...

With thanks for the gift of your holy and generous Heart,
I offer you my prayer this morning, Lord,
and all the days of the week ahead...


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  1. Excellent way to start monday Monring. Thanks for the prayer that applies to me too.

  2. I am grateful for all of the time and thoughtfulness you put into this blog- and everything you do-

    and I am glad these Monday Morning Offerings are back...

  3. Absolutely Beautiful. Boy, if I could write like that, that is what I would say!:)

  4. :( too many Anonymous's...

    (sorry, had to say it- and just for the record, this is not my real name)

    great MMO- thanks.


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