On an afternoon in early June

Image by Emma Olsen

We just had a downpour, a storm quickly passing through but soaking everything and everyone in sight before its departure. Sitting on my porch I had a front row seat for watching the sky darken, a prelude to God's showering our town with springtime freshness. The rain has stopped and the skies are clearing but there remains the sweet, dense woody aroma of wet bark mulch - a scent that should be bottled and kept for wintry days.

All this brought to mind a poem I've posted several times but it seems a good day to offer it again...

Rain, rain...

let your healing soak me
like the rain:
your mercy, a heavy downpour,
your reign, a summer shower

Soak me, drench and all but drown me!

Leave me dripping
with moist anointings
of your touch:
my toes and every inch of me
refreshed and cleansed
in healing showers

Lift my face to rejoice
in the rain of your love:
let me drink it in
and drink it down,

Give me thirst
that only you can quench
and lead me
by a river of your blessings

Rain, rain,
rain of my Savior:
oh, never go away...

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  1. The next time I am stuck in a down pour I will try to remember this poem. I actually wish now that it would pour because I could use a good drenching from Jesus.


  2. Your beautiful poem,"Rain, rain..."
    and the picture of that little guy in the puddle makes me yearn for the joy that comes when all that is
    is seen as a gift from God to be enjoyed.
    O for the faith, love and joy of the innocent, sin-free child.


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