Out of the Darkness Overnight

This weekend in Boston the Out of the Darkness Overnight walk will take place June 26-27. The walk is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
The Out of the Darkness Overnight is an 18-mile journey through the night, from dusk until dawn. It's a unique opportunity to bring the issues of depression and suicide into the light as we walk together to turn heartbreak into hope for tomorrow.

Join us on June 26-27, 2010 as thousands of Walkers like you come together in Boston, Massachusetts - a city rich with history and filled with the energy that we know will fuel our quest for awareness and prevention.

A suicide attempt happens every minute of everyday. Don’t let another minute go by. Register today and help continue the work of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – work that will truly save lives.
I know several folks who are walking and I've been pleased to sponsor them. If you don't know someone who's walking, I'm sure you know someone (yourself?) whose life has been affected by suicide.

For more information - and to pledge - see the Overnight website.

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  1. i hope this helps...hard to understand how it can when taking ones life comes from such a lonely desperate place. How much sadness there is for it to happen every minute of every day; but i know it's true...so sad.

  2. I think this can help in many ways, the most obvious being financial support for the AFSP. It also brings to light something that's often kept quiet, not talked about. For those who walk in memory of someone they've lost to suicide, there's a sense of connection with the loved one and a way of giving others struggling with suicidal thoughts the knowledge that people understand and care. For those who struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide, this can be a way of taking steps in the right direction, in the company of others, with support and towards hope.

  3. Not to dispute what the above poster has to say...just wanted to clarify the comment is a new "anne". I am the "anne" who frequents this blog. But, I'm sure that all "annes" are welcome in this place!

  4. I am glad you talk of suicide. It is so present to so many and we don't talk about it maybe because we are afraid of death ourselves, or afraid of a great pain that makes us feel powerless.

    At any rate, thank you.

  5. Thanks for putting out the word about the walk. Walking 18 miles during the day is one thing. Walking that distance at night, a tougher challenge. Hats off to those who walked and to those who sponsored them.


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