Three Years!

Three years ago today I tried my hand at putting a blog online and, to my surprise, I'm still at it.

This post is my 2,556th and over 290,000 visitors from around the globe have ticked the meter on my sidebar over these three years.

Eric Sammons over at Divine Life recently listed the 200 most popular Catholic blogs. His calculations were based on Google subscriptions and I'm pleased that this page tied for the 148th spot on the list. (How to subscribe to this blog? At the end of every post you see this link: Subscribe to A Concord Pastor Comments. Just click on the link and enter your email address!)

I'm grateful for the opportunity to do this work and equally grateful for all of you who take the time to read and comment. I doubt that Pope Benedict has time to read any blogs but he definitely has an interest in ministry on the Internet. As the Church's online presence grows I'm pleased to be a small part of it.

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to your blog which is feeding so many!

    Many happy returns!

  2. Happy Anniversay Concord Pastor!

    Thanks to you I'm approaching my second year blogging!

  3. happy 3rd birthday to you...
    (to your blog)

    so many times, getting from yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow...
    or even from the morning to the night...
    is an inexplicably challenging and seemingly impossible task...
    (and I have come to learn that, despite others' good intentions and genuine support, they cannot really understand-
    but I am still grateful... )

    this blog is one of the things that helped me get through my days...
    3 years of days...
    one day at a time...

    thank you.

  4. Happy Birthday! I enjoy the part that you do. It is informative and very often inspirational.

  5. Congratulations! I started my first blog (no longer extant!) around the same time; I did not realize we were the "same age!"

    I've been off the grid, as I think you know. It is nice to return and see this post.

    Your blog is a real light in the world, a joy to encounter. It is even more of a gift that I got to visit with you once! Thanks for all you do Father. Peace, grace, blessings and ad multos blogos annos to you!

  6. Glad to know that you're home and on the mend, Fran!

  7. Prayer, meditation, reflection, spirituality....words that come to mind to describe your blog. It's become part of my every day and I recommend it frequently to others.

  8. I remember when you first started and you emailed some of your friends that you were going to start a blog and was unsure of how it would all go, but wanted to give it a try. Who would have thought it would turn into something not only so special to your readers, but such an outlet for you to explore your artistic and writing talents. Back then, I didn't even understand what a blog was! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Concordpastor blogspot!

  9. Sorry if this is a bit late. What can I say ?!
    Your blog has been a revelation to me and I don't say that lightly.
    THANK YOU !!
    You are candid, wise, full of fun and when needs be you get to the very marrow of what it means to follow Jesus in a way that never fails to move me deeply.
    I have been moved to laughter and tears in the passage of one post because you are such a superlative wordsmith that you can glide effortlessly from one mode of expression to another.

    Like so many have said above, your words have become an important start to my day and often your posts catalyse me or catapult (!) me into reflection- I learn so much from you.
    You have shared my pain in the chaos of the times our church is experiencing.You have not shied away from commenting on the big issues with integrity and you always speak from a compassionate heart.
    Sadly, I don't live in the USA but I pass on lots of hugs and blessings to you and I wish you a very wonderful blogging future.
    The best is yet to come !!


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