BIshop of Tuscon on Immigration Reform

H/T to Deacon Greg for this video from his own shop's program, Currents on NET, the cable channel of the diocese of Brooklyn.
The Bishop of Tucson, Gerald Kicanas, presides over a diocese that runs along the border with Mexico . He's been vocal about immigration reform, and he gave an interview to "Currents" last week, just before the controversial new Arizona law took effect. He explains the USCCB's stand on immigration quite clearly. Check it out, below.

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  1. Bishop Kinkanas is absolutely correct that we need comprehensive immigration reform. The question is when will our elected officials have the backbone to enact it?


  2. I also agree with the previous comment; but I want to focus about the DREAM ACT. It is a bill that will help the illegal students get a temp. resident status and an opportunity to a higher education. I had the opportunity to be one of the Dream Activist in Washington, DC two weeks ago and I got to do some lobbying with some Senators and Congressman whose response to the Dream Act was to wait for Comprehensive Reform. However, being affected by this issue personally, I don't see that happening in the near future. My parents moved from Mexico when I was 5 and now I will be 21. I will graduate college this coming Spring but what will I do with a diploma if I can't work? And since I am 21 I don't qualify under my family's petition process for residency. I am a catholic and i have a strong faith. I have been blessed with an opportunity to go to college; but I know that not everyone is a fortunate as me. My dreams have been oppressed by the legislation; but the law is the law. I believe in the values that America has and I thank God that we live in a democracy where the people have a say. I have faith that justice will be made in heaven. But, if we are so close to having the Dream Act passed, shouldn't we do something about it? 1.2 million Dreamers, including myself are waiting to be set free to fulfill what God is calling us to do.


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