From the rising of the sun to its setting...

Photo by David Granfors

Through several links on FaceBook I came across this photo of Warners Pond in West Concord, MA. This beautiful spot is located in my parish.

Readers everywhere will be more familiar with another pond within my parish boundaries, the one named Walden and made famous by Henry David Thoreau.

Fortunately, a group of local citizens are intent on preserving this lesser known natural beauty and they form the Warners Pond Stewardship Committee.

Follow the link for more information or just click on the image above and enjoy the serenity of a larger version of this peaceful image.

From the rising of the sun to its setting,
may the name of the Lord be praised!

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  1. Did you take this picture? When I see photos like this I realize that Concord really is a true beauty.

  2. Chris: check the credit under the photo and you'll find the name of the photographer.


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