Subscription trouble?

Yes, I love all my subscribers and so I'm concerned that two have reported recently that they're no longer receiving email alerts of new posts here.

Any other subscribers out there experiencing a similar problem?

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  1. My last one via e .mail was the one on change but I can get the others after this from my blog reader.
    Hope it is just a blip.

  2. I have a MacBook and sometimes I stop getting the subscription. When I reboot the emails arrive. You might try that.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Joanne!

    I'm hoping that any subscribers experiencing a problem will check in here.

  4. You're on my reader, so I'm not missing a thing. But honestly, if a day went by without a Concord Pastor post, I'd come looking!

  5. I did not receive an e-mail for today's (9/10/10) post.


  6. I don't know why: check in again if the problem persists.

  7. I thought I could solve this problem of not receiving your daily e-mails but unfortunately , I cannot. I have not received e-mail posts for nearly 2 weeks. I thought I would simply resubscribe, but it will not let me do that . Any suggestions?

  8. Ask and you shall receive . Closed this window, went to my e-mail and there you are, meaning of course your e-mail post. Thank you. I truly enjoy your blog and have passed it on to many.


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