More sushi!

Photo: CP

I've just recently started trying sushi and Serafina doesn't usually have such offerings on the menu - but last night, there it was and it was very good!

Listed as an appetizer on the list of daily specials, yellowfin tuna here is diced and mixed with cucumber, red onion and seasoning. After shaping in a ring mold, a topping of capers is added. In addition to mixed greens on the plate, there's a large dollop of sour cream laced with wasabi and a squiggle of wasabi paste.

The tuna was fresh and the mix with the diced vegetables just right, complementary, not competitive. A glass of chardonnay (Estancia 07) paired well with the fish. The serving was large and might have easily been shared with another diner. My only suggestion would be to turn up the heat a bit on the wasabi.

I'm not sure how often a restaurant known for Tuscan fare will offer this dish, but I recommend it as a fine addition to the menu.

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