Town of Concord, MA - 375 Years Old!

Photo: Bill Joyce

This weekend my town is celebrating its 375th birthday!

Concord, Massachusetts is America's oldest continuously inhabited inland town. A wonderful parade took about an hour and a quarter to pass right by my house - great location! Happy Birthday, Concord!

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  1. I grew up in NH and Maine, then lived for a while in Ayer (you probably know where that is). I have gone through Concord a number of times -- have relatives in Boston and have used Boston Children's Hospital a lot for my children when they were small. I never knew that Concord was the oldest town. Always something new to learn! Great cake!

  2. That's a huge cake! Congratulations to Concord and all its citizens!

  3. It was a great Parade. Kudos to all that made it happen.

  4. As a native "Carlislillian" I remember Concord's 350th birthday I attended at age 17. As a current "Concordian", Today was special and quite different from 25 years ago. I recall the weather as being the same- beautiful. The meaning of Concord is more profound to me now than it was then. A wonderful celebration with a hint of somberness when you looked at the flag in the the common flying half mast.


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