Link of the Day: Shirt of Flame

It's been too long since I've posted a Link of the Day and I'm grateful to Deacon Greg for his leading us to Heather King's blog, Shirt of Flame. (The Deacon's Bench is an excellent source of new links!)

King's page defies easy classification and because my efforts in that direction would cheat the comfortable breadth of what she offers, I'll simply direct you to her profile and this post, and this, and this.

And here's a quote from her most recent post that resonates with my own understanding of prayer in a place deep in my soul.
I have a theory that prayer is the answer to itself. The very fact that we’re praying means we’re already receiving what our hearts long for. To open ourselves to reality. To move away from isolation and toward communion. To die to self-reliance and come alive in wonder and mystery. Acknowledging our vulnerability, we’re in solidarity with every other sick, suffering, broken person in the world. With our heads bowed, our ears are closer to our hearts. On our knees, we’re the same height as children.
Fine writing on aspects of spirituality from a truly sacramental perspective...  Shirt of Flame is now added to my blog roll - this one's a keeper.

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  1. Fr. Austin Fleming, thank you! I'm so glad you liked "Why I Kneel" and I'm also glad to know of your blog...

  2. Another gift! On this beautiful day it is wonderful to slow down and read about a snail and see a beautifully crafted miraculous stair and feel the pull to stay connected beyond Sunday. Thank you!


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