Monday Morning Offering - 116

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

St. Paul’s words have stayed with me, Lord,
since hearing them at Mass yesterday morning:
I have competed well,
I have finished the race,
I have kept the faith…
I wonder...
at the end of my days when, as it was for Paul,
“my departure is at hand”  -
will I be able to speak with such confidence?

Perhaps the test
is whether I can speak with Paul’s surety
now, in the midst of my days…

How do I stand against Paul’s words, Lord?

Do I compete well in life’s contest,
the struggle in my heart and soul
between your ways, Lord, and mine?

When my desires pull me in one direction
and your desire for me pulls in another - who wins?
And more importantly, when my desires win,
what do I lose?
I offer you the contest, Lord,
and ask you to be my coach, my captain,
my trainer and my referee…
Do I stay in the race, Lord?
Do I keep a steady pace on the rough roads
or lag behind the strength and encouragement
you never fail to offer me?

Do I keep my eye on the finish line,
on the prize that awaits:
the crown of your victory
sized for my brow?
I offer you the race, Lord,
and pray you’ll pace me with your grace
in the lane you’ve marked out for me…
Do I keep the faith, Lord?
Do I hold fast to you, trust you, lean on you -
in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health,
whether convenient or inconvenient?

Do I stand firm when troubles shake me,
trusting the faith that’s brought me safe thus far
will bring me home to you
when “my departure is at hand?”
I offer you my mornings, days and evenings, Lord
and pray you’ll strengthen my faith
and deepen my trust in you and your love for me…
In times of defeat, Lord, be my strength,
in times of victory be my joy,
in all times be the champion of my heart…

Keep me gently mindful of all who run 'longside me, Lord
and when any fail or fall,
help me lift them to your face…


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  1. I think the fact that you ask the questions and seek the answers and help from the Lord says much. It is the humble attitude with which we appoach God, knowing that it is him who walks with us and leads us on the right path. It is the confidence in his strength, guidance and mercy that makes all the difference. You look to the Lord....your prayer is beautiful.


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