Word for the Weekend: Persistence in prayer

Victory of Joshua by Nicholas Poussin
Persistence in prayer - that's the story in the scriptures this Sunday, the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  The painting above features Joshua's victory over the Amalekites but don't be fooled by the muscular soldiers in the foreground.  The real force here is in Moses' arms, supported by Aaron and Hur - that's them up on the hill, out of the fray, in the background.  Want to read more about this in Exodus?  Check out this Sunday's readings and commentary on them here.  The day's gospel passage (Luke) is tame by comparison.  A judge is worn out with the persistent pleading of a widow in court.  Check the same link for the rest of the story.

Oh!  Bringing children to church with you this weekend?  Help them prepare to hear the Word with some hints from this site.

But wait!  Persistence won't let go in this weekend's scriptures!  Paul reminds Timothy "to be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient."

So, pursue the links above with persistence to prepare to hear the Word this coming Sunday!

Whether "convenient or inconvenient," take some time to ponder and pray over these texts - read and listen for what the Lord is saying to you...

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  1. Amen. Will take your advice to heart.


  2. persistence with everything-

    even and especially when it gets very frustrating and overwhelming...

    but I think that's why persistence with prayer is THE MOST important thing-
    prayer first, last, and everywhere in between...



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