He will with gladness greet your goodness...

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(Our attention has turned to Thanksgiving but we are still in November, the Month All Souls.  Perhaps this fine verse will help to lighten grieving hearts on the holiday...)

He will with gladness greet your goodness!

At the moment of my death, my soul will stand before God for his merciful judgment on my life. At the end of time when Christ comes again, my soul will be reunited with my body in a glorious way.

So Christians believe!

This short poem speaks the indescribable joy of the resurrection of the dead when Christ comes again.


When Christus comes
to pry with hard hands
bones from the grave's grasp,
He will stand you strong.

He will shape and soothe you
a fresh, smooth flesh,
stronger, of finer shape
and shade than ever

you walked in life.
When your eyes bloom
again, and bright blood
booms in your new being,

His, the first face you see,
will with gladness greet
your goodness, your name
sweet upon His lips.


-Jim Littwin
Barrington, Illinois

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