Monday Morning Offering - 117

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Today's the first day of November and November is the month of All Souls,
a special time to pray for those who have died.
You might want to keep today's MMO as prayer for the days of November...

Good morning, gracious God...

November wraps its dampened shroud
‘round nature’s shoulders hunched:
our souls know well the chill
of summer’s passing and winter's drawing near...

Bare limbs scratch against gray skies,
and snatch a mourner’s veil
from hearts laid bare in shivering loss,
alone, exposed in grief…

November, Lord: no other month
could better claim the name All Souls
or set the scene for praying, weeping,
rememb'ring those before us gone
and marked with signs of faith…

So this November morning, Lord,
I offer my beloved: created from your hand,
claimed by grace and carried
in the everlasting arms of your embrace…

I especially offer you my prayer today
for family members and friends who have died...
(mention your loved ones here, by name)

I offer you from my heart's depths
the ones I struggle to let go…

I offer you a prayer of tears
for those whose absence fills my silent hours…

I offer from my hands to yours
the ones whose hands held mine
until you took them home…

I offer from a selfish heart
the ones I bruised and hurt:
I pray you heal the wounds I caused,
and for your mercy beg…

I offer up a prayer
for those with none to pray for them:
brothers, sisters never met;
sisters, brothers mine,
for all are one in you...

I offer you my grief, O Lord,
refresh me in your tender care;
make deep my faith I'll see again
all those I've lost when,
gathered in your kingdom's joy,
your mercy makes us one again...

Beneath November’s canopy
walk others, Lord, who know as well as I
the depths of this month’s memories
and all the souls for whom we pray:
keep us gentle with each other, Lord,
and mindful of what binds us in your love…

Accept my mourning offering, Lord,
on this November day
and through the night until it dies
and wakes again, a new day born,
the day that you have made...


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  1. As usual, your writings touch me. It seems you have insight into how I am feeling. The reflection when reading helps me (as you said previously "on your spiritual journey") It has been a year since my father died, although it doesn't seem that long ago. My grief is ever ebbing still but more gently the tears come and quickly go. I was driving Saturday with my daughter through the countryside. The fall colors, now fading, and the farmers cutting beans. I had to stop, roll down the window and take a deep breath. Do you know the smell of soybeans? I come from a small farm community in southern Illinois. Last year the harvest was late. The night before leaving my hometown to return to my home in Ohio, I drove and drove. The fall colors, the harvesting of corn and beans, the smells and the sunset...It was so hard to leave because all this made me feel still so connected to by dad. But I even took pictures of all these with one of those throw away cameras, trying to capture not just the beauty but my feelings. I will try to attach one. I do want to thank you again! You help me think and pray with what you write and in the way you write. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, Terry. Knowing that my words here touch others as they've touched you makes all the effort on this venture more than worthwhile. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  3. Your Monday Morning Offerings always touch a special place inside. Thank you once again for your beautiful words.

  4. Hi, Father Fleming!

    I was blessed to be working at Mass General today and, for his All Souls Day homily, Father Tom Mahoney read this prayer.

    Thank you so much!


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