NIght prayer in November

Image: Jhell2

Day is done, Lord...

November's evening chill shivers,
turning leaves and me
to season's change...

The shiver shakes awake the fall within
and I seek pardon
for any early frost upon my heart...

For this day's noontime warmth,
fall's hues and simple joys
I give you praise...

Into your sacred heart and holy arms
I hand those who lean on me
and all who care for me...

Day is done, Lord...

May this night's moon
shine bright peace on all
'til the sun rise again...

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  1. Beautiful,,,
    "The shiver shakes awake the fall within
    and I seek pardon
    for any early frost upon my heart...
    That's where I am at today.

  2. I so wish the day was done.

    But it's never done ... when you are a woman. So much pressure ... so many expectations... it's never done.

  3. I'm headed out for a walk in the night chill, and to say Compline -- this is a grace to take with me.

  4. ...season's change...
    oh, God- what do you want? I mean, what do you want from me? Do you love me? If you do, please show me something- anything- that I will know- please.
    please shine your light on me and on everyone in this world, especially those who find it so very difficult to have hope...

  5. Mary- I completely understand that it is never done, especially as I sit home with a child sick, again (family members have been sick for over a month- enough already). But, is it external or internal pressure and expectations? God is kind, loving, and merciful. He does not have the same pressures and expectations on us as we do on ourselves. Be kind a patient with yourself.

    Michelle- God does love you. Sometimes it's just too hard to hear Him when our hearts are heavy and our minds weary. With advent starting this weekend may you find hope in His light.



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