Word for the Weekend: Solemnity of Christ the King

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We approach the end of the Year of Grace 2010. This coming weekend finds us celebrating the 34th, the last Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Solemnity of Christ the King. The weekend following Thanksgiving will bring us to the First Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the Year of Grace 2011.

You'll find the scriptures and commentary on them here and if you're shepherding children to Mass, check here for hints on helping them prepare to hear the Word this weekend.

The first scripture, from II Samuel, offers us the kingship of David, commissioned as "shepherd" and "commander" of God's people, Israel.  The kingship of Christ in the gospel (Luke) finds the Lord reigning from the throne of the Cross where, like the good shepherd, he lays down his life for flock.  This year's celebration of Christ the King includes this sobering appreciation of the One who rules our hearts.

The second lesson, from Colossians, is a hymn to Christ whose supremacy surpasses all bonds of time and space, in whom and through whom all things were created and redeemed.

Some may find it difficult to warm to the notion of "kingship" but it's likely that all of us can wonder, "Who rules my heart?  Whose rule shapes my thoughts, my choices, my decisions?  Whose wisdom counsels me? Whose word guides me?"

If Christ is not king of my heart, who is?

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