Monday Morning Offering - 122

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Must be the time of year, Lord…
Too much going on,
too many things happening,
too many demands on everyone’s energy and time,
just too much…

And ‘though I’d like you to take it all away, Lord  -
I know that’s not how you work!

So I offer you my tired confusion,
my loneliness in crowds,
and feet that fail me
when I want to run from it all..

When too many things are happening all at once,
help me see what’s important and what’s not,
help me know what you’d have me do first, Lord -
and what you’d not have me do at all…

Give me wisdom to know what you ask of me, Lord,
and strength to accomplish what’s mine to do:
speak to my heart and with your word
open my heart to your will…

I pray for your strength and counsel:
when my heart’s slow to know where to turn,
where to go, what to do,
encourage and lead and guide me…

Rouse me when I’m tired, Lord:
give me your strength when mine fails and
help me spend it on what’s good and fruitful
for me, for others,
for all whose paths cross mine…

Lift me up when I’m bowed down, Lord;
refresh your spirit within me;
renew my hope and trust in you;
give me a new beginning this Monday morning
and make of this week a gift of peace
and a time of grace…


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  1. Nobody does prayer better than you.I have probably said that before but it needs repeating.
    Thank you for this and if you are weary and time pressed please know that what you do gives so many others hope and sustenance. (Have linked to this today on my blog.

  2. I would need to start several new blogs just to begin to list those who "do prayer better than I!" That said, I'm grateful to God that the words of my own prayer are helpful for others.


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