Monday Morning Offering - 123

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Isaiah's words are sounding in my heart, Lord...

Every mountain will be made low...
age old depths and gorges will be filled to level ground...
every valley shall be filled in...
the winding roads will be made straight
and the rough ways smooth...
that your people might walk in the light of your glory
to the peace that is ours in you, O God...

So this morning I offer you
the mountains of problems and struggles
we face this day...
I offer you the peaks of pain
hiding hope of healing from the sick...
I offer you the heights of challenge and conflict
we try so hard to scale
yet find ourselves still climbing...
Make good your promise, Lord,
and in our flesh and bone, in our own day,
make low, make even just a little lower
the mountains that keep us from the peace,
the healing, the comfort and consolation
you promise and we pray for and seek...
I offer you, Lord, the age-old depths of hurts,
disappointments and memories that haunt our hearts...
I offer you the deep gorges of guilt and shame
that shadow our days and our dreams...
Make good your promise, Lord,
and in our flesh and bone, in our own day,
fill to level ground the ravines, the crevices,
the valleys of darkness through which we walk:
shine your light on our path
and let your mercy be our guide...
I offer you the winding roads where we lose our way
and the crooked paths that lead where we don't want to go...
I offer you the rough patches through which we stumble,
the distressed roads taking their toll on our strength...
Make good your promise, Lord,
and in our flesh and bone, in our own day
straighten the way that leads to your heart,
make a smooth highway of our rough roads,
and make straight the paths we walk...
As we prepare the way for your coming, Lord,
make ready for us the route that leads to your peace
and make us ready for the journey...
Make us gentle companions and generous guides
for those we meet along the way:
may no one stumble on our account
and may those who have fallen find in us
a friend for the journey...
Make good your promise, Lord,
and in our flesh and bone, in our own day,
bring us through the valleys, over the heights
and along the road to your glory,
your peace and your joy...
All this I offer you this Monday morning, Lord,
and every day and night this week...


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  1. This is a terrific prayer and I shall link to it. I pray to be open to God's work in me and that I will respond !! How do you deliver such beautiful things ?!

  2. When the scripture is your starting point and you're open to its message - good things happen!

  3. Good morning sir ~ CC


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