Word for the Weekend: January 2 - Epiphany!

Three Kings by James Christiansen

This Sunday we celebrate the Solemnity of the Epiphany. You'll find the readings and commentary of them here.  (I offer this link every week and encourage you to follow it but this feast, especially, has scriptural and calendar background that you'll find not only helpful but interesting.)

The first reading, from Isaiah, proclaims how the faith of those who worship in Jerusalem will draw all peoples, the Chosen and the Gentiles, to itself.  You'll easily see the influence of this text on the Gospel from Matthew, the only evangelist to give us the story of the Magi.  Paul, writing to the Ephesians, echoes the same message.

If you're bringing children to Mass this weekend, take a look here for hints on helping our younger brothers and sisters prepare to hear the Word.

While pondering the scriptures you might enjoy listening to the Robert Shaw Chorale rendition of the hymn so long associated with this feast: We Three Kings.

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  1. I have been viewing your emailed blog for about 2 weeks and find it very inspiring. A good friend told me about it. I like the music accompanying the writing about Epiphany. Thank you.

  2. Welcome, Anonymous - I hope you become a regular reader!


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